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We provide you with the one-stop-shop solution that transforms the way your organization manages performance and people

When do we support you?

  • Aligning Manager´s Roles and Responsibilities

  • Highly actionable playbook

  • Effective and interactive trainings

  • Integrating Manager’s behaviors into HR processes

How do we accompany organizations?


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Manager Competency Framework

Management behaviors co-defined with your team, fueled by best practices and the most successful models.

Manager Playbook

Tools, templates and key concepts for managers to deliver against expectations, all year long.

Manager Academy

Highly interactive and practical training to learn new ways of being and doing.

Integration within HR Processes

Attracting, assessing and rewarding the best managers via hiring process, manager survey and performance review consistently aligned. 

Our tools

Our Management Culture is structured around 3 pillars: 

  1. Drive Result 

  2. Develop Talent

  3. Lead Change 

We provide a blend of most trained models (DISC, SMART Goals, OKRs, GROW model, etc..) with our own tools customized after years of experience with our clients.  


"Spread the love - it is so useful to feel supported and to have a framework to work with" 

Manager, Spendesk

"I liked how simple it was to understand. The 2 axes and 4 dimensions were very clear and felt I could immediately start making connections in my life & work. Keeping things simple is key!" 


Manager, Pretto

"Back the words with examples, do frequent exercises in smaller groups to put the learnings into practice immediately"


Manager, Yousign

​"Very good rythm between the variety of theory/concepts and exercises (videos, examples, breaking rooms, solo tasks etc.)"


Manager, Flowdesk

Management Culture

Framing and developing management behaviors

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