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We combine coaching, mentoring and scale-up leadership experience to accompany leaders along their transformation:
individual, team and organization

CEO & Exec Coaching

Assessing and enhancing Leadership capabilities

Team Workshops

Creating the conditions for collective performance

Management Culture

Defining, integrating and training management behaviors 

HR Operating Partner

Implementing tools and processes for organization´s effectiveness

To succeed, we want you at your best, sustainably.

Since 2015, we are proud to implement the Energy Project integrated approach to help people manage their physical, emotional, mental and social energy. 

"It's a strong message you're delivering. Thank you. Encouraging people to be happy and efficient at the same time". (Manager, Spendesk)

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Trusted among industry Leaders.

What Our Clients Say

“In a few sessions with Pierre the results were incredible!
He asks the right questions, and really understands the challenges I can face as a CEO.
I recommend him 100%!

Guillaume Moubeche

CEO, Lemlist

“As interim Head of People, Pierre was perfectly able to integrate and brought a lot of value coaching different levels of leaders across the company.”

Rodolphe Ardant

CEO, Spendesk

“Pierre quickly became a trustworthy partner in my personal and professional development. Few are the profiles, like him, who can become both a coach and a mentor.”

Christophe Lassuyt
CEO, Request Finance 

"You do more than coaching founders, you put companies back on track".

Paul Bertoly

CEO, Modjo

"Our offsite with Pierre was really insightful. He made us go through exercises tailored to answer business challenges in no time."

Fanny Ponce

VP Market, Ankorstore

"Spread the love - As manager, it is so useful to feel supported and to have a framework to work with"


Manager, Spendesk

“Pierre adapts effectively to the challenges of the CEO, providing very practical and applicable keys on one hand, and at the same time undertaking a very deep work on leadership competencies.”

Pierre Chapon

co-CEO, Pretto

"I liked how simple the Management training was to understand. It was very clear and I could immediately start making connections in my life & work. Keeping things simple is key! 


Manager, Pretto


People-Growth Consulting is founded by Pierre Verstraeten (CHRO, Executive Coach, Trainer, Investor and Board Member), and works with a collective of like-minded and experienced experts. 

Our approach is highly pragmatical, result oriented - yet deeply human - meeting you and your team where you are, and accompanying you to become your better version. 

Our story

We accompany leaders and scale-ups to become their better version. 

Let's talk!
Your situation is unique.
Let's discuss how we can take you to your next step.

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